Why the Heretics Will Not Win

By pintswaquinas January 8, 2024

YouTube is the new public square. Almost every opinion with a sizable following eventually finds a voice there — whether that be capitalism, communism, veganism or any other popular belief.

On the flip side, you won’t find much on YouTube about opinions no one believes in. If no one were vegan, you wouldn’t have vegan channels.

This gives me a lot of hope. Think of the issues that many leftist, heretical Catholics are trying to push, such as contraception, female priests, and gay marriage. I can’t think of any prominent “Catholic” YouTube channel focused on these topics.

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You may find a few fringe channels, but they don’t stack up to the number and size of orthodox Catholic content on YouTube. There doesn’t seem to be a movement of heretical Catholic YouTube channels overtaking the world.

Think of the traditionalist Catholic YouTuber Taylor Marshall (whom I probably side with on about 97% of the issues). He has a HUGE following — nearly 800k subscribers at the beginning of 2024 — that gets excited every time he drops a new video.

Where’s this enthusiasm from the so-called Catholic left?

If the content available on YouTube reflects where society and the Church are, it indicates that despite the attempts by left-wing Catholics to force their erroneous opinions on the Church, orthodoxy is winning the online battle.

If I’m correct about this, let’s pray that it continues! Our enemies inside the Church are not going to stop trying to push their garbage down our throats.

Let’s continue spreading the truth of Christ across the virtual sphere to drown out their lies.


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