How to Win the War Against Transgender Ideology

By pintswaquinas March 22, 2023

Transgenderism is one of the most contentious issues of our time. As Catholics, we firmly believe that God gives us our biological sex and that our gender identity should match that. God creates each of us as male and female for a reason.

But there is a lot of pressure on us to conform to the world. Some believe we’re losing the battle. We need more people to stand up for the truth to turn the tide.

Here are a few ways to win the war against transgender ideology.

1. Learn to take the crosses as they come.
Suffering is part of life. Jesus commanded each of us to take up our crosses and follow Him. If you join the fight against transgender ideology, you’ll get a TON of blowback and hatred.

You’ve probably seen stories of people losing their jobs for not jumping on the transgender bandwagon. Many transgender activists think that by questioning their ideology, you’re denying their existence. Some may even call you genocidal because you believe that men are men and women are women.

Don’t let their hate get to you. Maintain a strong prayer and sacramental life to unite yourself more perfectly with Christ. This will empower you to handle any persecution that comes your way. Remember, Christ will not give you any cross you can’t carry.

2. Refute the activists, but show compassion for the suffering.
Should you argue against transgenderism aggressively or gently? It depends on the situation. Often, you need to boldly refute the arguments of the activists.

However, there are many transgender people who are suffering in the shadows. They’re simply confused or reacting to some deep hurt from their past.

While you still need to share the truth with them, do so gently. Affirm their human dignity and emphasize God’s love for them.

3. Keep preaching to the choir.
Many churches don’t think they should be preaching to the choir. They want to focus their message on people outside their walls.

But the people in the pews need to constantly be reminded of the truth. After all, they’re facing cultural pressures to give in to transgender ideology. It’s important to rally and embolden them.

Ultimately, the battle against transgender ideology will be won with truth and charity. These go hand-in-hand. We need to proclaim the truth with love. And, remember, even if we lose the cultural battles, Christ has already won the war. Let’s stay on the winning side!


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