Meet the Man Behind Today’s Gender Madness

By pintswaquinas November 9, 2023

Sadly, we’ve grown accustomed to today’s gender craze. But where did this radical dissociation between sex and gender come from?

While there are multiple sources, there is one man who deserves a heavy share of the blame.

Meet Dr. John Money
Dr. John Money (1921–2006) was a prominent psychologist and professor at Johns Hopkins University. Born in New Zealand, he earned his PhD at Harvard and was a pioneer in the field of gender identity.

During the 1950s and succeeding decades, discussions arose about whether gender was based on nature or nurture. (Note that this was before we had the ability to seriously study the genome or look at chromosomes.)

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Dr. Money said gender is based more on nurture than nature.
According to Dr. Money, the only nature-based characteristics of a woman are that she can gestate, menstruate, and lactate. (Of course, even this type of statement is considered hate speech in today’s world. Now it’s said men can do all these things as well.)

Dr. Money also said that all other differences between men and women are based on their upbringing and societal expectations — boys prefer trucks and girls prefer dolls to comply with what is deemed acceptable by society.

While Catholics believe that it’s normal for some men to exhibit more feminine characteristics and for some women to enjoy more traditionally masculine activities, this doesn’t mean their biological sex changes. We also believe that the fundamental differences between the two go beyond mere biology and include emotional, mental, and spiritual differences.

To read more about Dr. Money and the origins of modern gender theory, we recommend our good friend Dr. Miriam Grossman’s book “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness.”


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