The Church Is the Only Thing That Can Truly Unite Us

By pintswaquinas November 23, 2023

Ever notice that many parts of America look like someone pressed Control-C, Control-V on a keyboard to copy and paste the same bland corporate institutions from sea to shining sea?

It seems like America’s becoming one giant, boring parking lot.

In a way, big corporations are trying to fill the role of the Church, vying to be the ultimate unifier of diverse peoples and places. Big brands have become religious communities of sorts- bringing people together, communicating values, and fostering a sense of personal identity.

In the movie “The Founder,” Ray Croc (portrayed by Michael Keaton) perfectly captures this spirit when he says, “McDonald’s can be the new American church.”

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There’s nothing wrong with loyalty to a particular brand. But is your ultimate compass in life God or the latest fad?

The Church is the only thing that can truly unify us on a global scale. It alone has received the revelation from our Creator about our ultimate purpose in this life. And no, that purpose is not to get the latest gadget or consume the hottest new menu item: It’s to love each other into Heaven. Everything else is secondary.

Try as they may, corporations have failed to meet our need for a deep spiritual unity. Religion alone is the answer.

So, you can continue to love your favorite brand or business. But love Jesus more, and remember that the only truly universal values are those that last into eternity.


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