Transhumanism is Just a Religion for Atheists

By pintswaquinas May 16, 2024

Atheists pride themselves on their lack of religious faith. But can anyone ever fully escape their innate religious inclinations? Often, you’ll find that supposed nonbelievers have substituted another ideology for religion.

Transhumanism is one of these replacements for faith, as writer and agnostic Meghan O’Gieblyn’s life shows. Transhumanism is the belief that we can use technology to create an advanced human nature possessing greater physical and mental capabilities.

Meghan O’Gieblyn grew up Protestant, studied theology, and even spent some time at the acclaimed Moody Bible Institute. She then fell away from her faith.

After abandoning Christianity, she met Ray Kurzweil, the former head engineer for Google and a writer/speaker on transhumanism. She was enthralled by what she thought was his rational, scientific account of life that gave her life purpose without bringing God into the picture.

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She then started noticing parallels between Kurzweil’s transhumanist ideas and the teachings of Christianity, such as transhumanism’s proposal of a mysterious future apocalyptic moment in which human nature rises to a higher redeemed state.

Basically, transhumanism is a secular end-times account. It demands faith and hope that this “salvation” will be achieved.

If you think about it, many of the human enhancements proposed by transhumanism function as surrogates for the Christian sacraments. The sacraments elevate our humanity to a higher state.

O’Gieblyn came to the conclusion that transhumanism is simply Christianity repackaged and a religion atheists can cling to.

Disillusioned, she rejected transhumanism and is now an agnostic. Prayers that she’ll come back to Christ, and for all those who put their trust in secular ideologies instead of God!


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