Do Atheists Worship the State?

By pintswaquinas September 12, 2023

Atheists pride themselves on breaking the “chains” of servitude to God and the Church. But do they unwittingly worship another god?

Many atheists have a fill-in for God and it’s called the state. Here’s why.

The allure of the state.
In a sense, the state is a perfect society. By “perfect,” we don’t mean flawless. We mean complete. The state is self-sufficient. It doesn’t need outside help.

The state builds roads, secures food, combats crime, and (supposedly) protects its citizens’ rights. By contrast, the family is an imperfect society. Families normally need outside help to survive and flourish, such as hospitals, grocery stores, and places of worship.

Since the state supplies most of our needs, it’s easy to unconsciously deify it. We see this with left-wing atheists who constantly clamor for the state to provide more benefits.

Atheists may claim to put the individual first, but many are willing to sacrifice individual freedoms if the state so desires. We see this with recent attacks on freedom of religion and speech.

We all have a God-sized hole in our hearts. Someone — or something — has to fill it for us to be happy.

Which would you rather have: a loving, all-powerful Father who sent His son to die for you or flawed political leaders who are prone to lie and throw you under the bus when you inconvenience them?


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