How to Trans-Proof Your Kids

By pintswaquinas October 26, 2023

Transgender activists are making huge inroads into our schools, businesses, political institutions, and churches. We can’t afford to sit around and do nothing. If we snooze, we lose.

Here are some steps to take to protect your kids from harmful transgender ideology.

Remind them of their God-given identity early on.
Tell them that from the very moment of their creation, they were a boy or a girl. That identity will never change. Every part of their body — heart, lungs, skin — is stamped male or female.

The trans crowd is trying to get your kids, so you need to clearly communicate the truth to them at a very young age.

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Assure them that there are many ways of being a man or woman.
While you must firmly reject the idea that a man can become a woman — and vice versa — you also should avoid overly rigorous definitions of male and female. Each of us has traditional masculine and feminine characteristics in different proportions.

Some men have stronger feminine traits than others. This doesn’t make them a woman, but it also shouldn’t be a source of shame for them. Don’t criticize a male child who’s not interested in football, nor a female child who doesn’t like dolls.

Instill in them that their bodies are a miracle!
Whether they are male or female, your children are wonderfully made by God. Both bodies reveal His love and your children’s dignity. Instill body positivity from an early age. Not the extreme woke version, but the fact that their bodies are marvelous gifts from God.

Their bodies are delicate ecosystems, easily damaged by puberty blockers and other tools used in gender transitioning. Those who truly honor their bodies won’t subject themselves to these harmful practices.

It’s time for parents to take a united stand against harmful transgender ideology. Too many of our kids have been brainwashed into hating their God-given selves. We still have time to turn our culture back to the truth, so let’s get to work!


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