Would Atheists Really Believe in God If They Had Proof?

By pintswaquinas April 4, 2023

Some atheists claim they would believe in God if they had enough evidence. While we Christians believe that evidence for God’s existence is out there, we admit it’s not completely obvious to those who don’t believe.

But would atheists really believe in God if He appeared in the sky and spoke to them? A few might, but many probably still wouldn’t. Here’s why.

Human psychology is complex.
Flat earthers exist, despite the strong evidence that the earth is round. There is no convincing evidence that Christmas was originally a pagan holiday, yet many will discredit the holiday on those grounds.

When our beliefs are attacked, our lizard brain lights up — the fight or flight response. No matter how much evidence we’re given, we still like to believe what we want to believe.

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Some atheists have prepared responses for any sort of “proof” they may encounter. For example, If God appeared to them, they would think they were hallucinating. Even if this happened when they were fully awake, they’d find a reason to discount it.

The more fundamental the beliefs, the more difficult it is to change our views.
Atheists don’t want to suffer the radical life changes they’d have to make by becoming theists. And it’s not just them. We all like to stick to the beliefs that are comfortable to us.

We develop our worldviews over time. The more we build on our foundational beliefs, the harder it becomes to change the foundation.

God provides enough evidence for those who want to find Him.
Atheists who don’t want God to exist will ignore or explain away the evidence.

But God does provide the light for those who are open to it. The order and beauty of nature, the argument from causality, and other forms of evidence point to His existence, albeit not in an in-your-face sort of way. God doesn’t force His will on us. He leaves us an open door we can choose to go through.

This being said, don’t feel hopeless about the conversion of atheists. If you encourage them to objectively study the evidence, some will be convinced. For others, you’ll need to pray and make sacrifices. You may not be able to change their minds, but God’s grace can overcome even the most stubborn unbeliever.


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