Compelling Evidence That the Exodus REALLY Happened

By pintswaquinas August 22, 2023

Many scholars challenge the authenticity of the Exodus story. They treat it as a legend made up by Israelite leaders to inspire their people.

There is no direct evidence for the Exodus because the Egyptians were masters of propaganda. They avoided recording their defeats.

But there is some startling indirect evidence. Here are two discoveries that give strong credence to the historical truth of the Exodus story.

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The tabernacle and the Egyptian war tent
The Book of Exodus recounts the building of the tabernacle — the holy tent in which God dwelt. Interestingly, the tabernacle plans closely resemble the Egyptian war tent of pharaohs such as Ramses II.

When campaigning, the pharaoh would reside in a courtyard surrounded by curtains. There was a tent in the middle with an outer and inner court. The pharaoh would sit enthroned in the inner court, with representations of cherubim on either side.

The Israelites’ tabernacle looked like this, minus the pharaoh sitting between the cherubim. If the Book of Exodus was really composed a thousand years or more after the purported event, how is it that the writers got such accurate depictions of ancient Egyptian culture?

This resemblance makes sense if the Exodus really happened. The Israelites had only known Egypt and its culture. God gave them building plans that were already familiar to them.

Egyptian treaties and the Book of Deuteronomy
Scholars possess many treaty documents from the Egyptian New Kingdom period, including some between Egypt and the Hittites.

The structure of these treaties strongly resembles the Book of Deuteronomy. All have an introduction, a historical prologue about past covenants, major constitutional principles, specific laws, tips on how to store the documents, how often the treaties should be read in public, and lists of blessings and curses.

The fact that the Book of Deuteronomy follows the format of the treaties of this period attests to the accuracy of the Exodus story.

Once again, attempts to discredit Scripture have fallen short. Though we believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible through faith, God continues to give us evidence of the trustworthiness of His Word.


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