Why Priests Are Special

By pintswaquinas July 5, 2023

It’s tough being a priest today. Priests know many in the secular world hate them. They understand that many Catholics distrust them because of scandals of bad clergymen.

Maybe you feel pessimistic about the priesthood. That’s exactly how the devil wants you to feel. He’s intent on destroying the priesthood and wants to make us lose faith in it to accomplish this goal.

It’s a good time to remind ourselves why priests are crucial. And to priests reading this, we love you and pray for you!

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A priest is a mediator unlike any other.
Through ascending mediation, the priest offers to God the prayers and sacrifices of the people. Through descending mediation, he gives us the gifts of God.

How does a priest have this power? Certain sacraments give a character to the recipient. A character is a supernatural spiritual mark.

In ordination, the priest receives a character that associates him with Christ so as to make him a giver of divine things. In other words, a priest makes God near to us. Only the priest can give us the Body and Blood of Christ. Only he can absolve us of our sins in Christ’s name.

We all participate in the priesthood of Christ, but not as fully as an ordained priest. Vatican II says the priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial priesthood “differ from one another in essence and not only in degree.”

Priests sacrifice a lot to serve us.
Clerical celibacy has long been the rule in the Western Church. Many priests give up marriage and family because they “marry” the Church, which is the Bride of Christ. They carry the spiritual burdens of their flock. They endure spiritual attacks unlike anything most of us will ever encounter.

In short, priests are spiritual superheroes.

Let’s not let the problems in the Church make us lose sight of the glory of the priesthood. Let’s not forget the many good priests out there. Support them, especially with your prayers. If you make it into heaven, you’ll have your priest to thank.


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