What to Look for When Buying a Bible

By pintswaquinas September 26, 2023

Bibles come in all styles, from the beautifully illuminated Book of Kells to hip teen versions.

But are all Bibles created equal (in terms of construction)?  No, they’re not.

Here‘s what makes a good Bible.

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Stitched binding
The strength of a Bible is in its binding. Given that a Bible is a book you want to pass down, binding matters.

The “block” of the Bible (the text pages stacked together) should be stitched, not glued. Sadly, many publishers take the block and glue it to the side of the binding. Then the Bible is only as strong as the glue.

In premium Bibles, the pages are sewn to the binding, which generally lasts much longer than glue.

A good translation
The Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition is one of the best translations out there. It’s faithful to the original texts, yet easy to understand. Stay away from translations that take too many liberties. Also, note that Protestant Bibles don’t have all the books that Catholic Bibles do.

The Bible lays flat
Few things are as frustrating as having to hold your Bible open with your elbows as you fold your hands together in prayer. One slip and the book closes and you lose your place.

Hardcover Bibles are difficult to keep open, but some leather-bound editions easily comply. The key is the flexibility of the binding.

A beautiful cover
As we said, your Bible is one of those possessions you want to last past your death. It’s the Word of God and so it should be clothed in glory. Plus, a beautiful Bible, proudly displayed in your home, may catch the attention of a visiting atheist or fallen away Christian!

Ultimately, the value of a Bible lies in its content. But exteriors do matter, so keep these tips in mind next time you go Scripture shopping!


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