Is Your Image of God Too Small?

By pintswaquinas August 31, 2023

Scrupulous people often unintentionally minimize the infinite mercy of God. They sink into despair over their sins and imperfections, not fully realizing that God — even then and there — is working His grace to make them worthy of His eternal kingdom.

Read on to discover just how enormous God’s love is for you.

God shows that He wants to save our humanity by assuming it.
Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, takes on a human soul, body, intellect, will, and emotions. He even adopts the defects associated with sin, but without the sin itself.

God became flesh to give you the confidence that your whole life can be a place of encounter with Him. He too lived a human life. He knows what it’s like to be hungry, thirsty, and even die.

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Be patient with yourself.
Let this give you confidence as you anxiously regard your imperfections. God created your humanity to grow progressively over time. There are things you may struggle to possess now (such as virtue), but you’ll have them later if you persevere.

When you look at particular moments in your life, you may be horrified. A better approach is to ask yourself, “Where is the Lord on the move in my life at the present moment and in the big picture?” This will inspire you to feel the mercy of God in your life more deeply.

For example, humility is usually an old man’s virtue. If a younger man boasts, “I’m going to show just how humble I am,” he manifests false humility. It’s easier for him to simply say, “I’m proud, but I believe that God’s healing grace can grow me beyond my present pride, so long as I continue to show up to prayer, Mass, and my friendships.”

God has given you a whole life and He intends to perfect you over the course of it so that you come to a better knowledge and love of Him. Trust that He’ll make something of you beyond your limited capabilities — if you simply let Him.


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