Wokeism Will NOT Destroy Us

By pintswaquinas March 16, 2023

Bad news and good news. First, the bad: Wokeism is getting way out of control. You see it in the news and on social media every day. And it will probably get worse.

The good news: Society has a lot of self-correcting measures. At some point, things WILL get better.

Here are a few reasons why wokeism will not have the last word.

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Evolution is on our side.
Dr. Michael Bloom, an evolutionary biologist, said that evolution selects in favor of religious people because they have more children. Atheists or non-religious people tend to have fewer children. And a great book called “Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?” predicts that in a hundred years, most people will still be Christian or Muslim.

For an ideology to survive, those holding it need to reproduce in abundance. Since this is less the case among non-religious people, they need lots of converts.

Religious people trust the Left and atheists less now.
You may say, “The Left seems pretty successful in converting kids.” True, but less so than in the 1990s. The woke crowd has become much more polarizing, so much so that even some people who identify themselves as liberal have had enough of their virtue signaling (Bill Maher being one example).

Many parents are more attuned to the threat of secularism and the need to protect their kids. Recently, parents have stormed school board meetings to protest the indoctrination of their kids. You also see more parents encouraging their kids to attend trade schools or religious colleges rather than woke public universities.

The “authorities” are no longer just religious people.
In the second half of the 20th century, many young people made rebellion against the “man in authority” a virtue. Since Christianity was the culture back then, that meant rebelling against Christianity. The counterculture was non-Christian.

Today, the tables have flipped. Christianity is the new counterculture. It’s still cool to rebel against the “man,” but now that man is wokeism, especially in academia, politics, and the entertainment industry. Culture has self-correcting measures and we see them at work now.

Jesus is still king.
History shows that things will get better. If you look back through time, you’ll find many people saying their age was the worst and that the end was nigh. But things got better. Few events in Church history are as harrowing as the persecution of Christians by the Roman empire. Yet, those persecutions ended.

Christ is the king of history. While He allows us to go our own ways and suffer the consequences, He continually draws us back with His grace. And you’ll notice that each time history goes through these cycles of good and bad, Christianity grows a little more. As Tertullian said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

Find peace in your heart no matter what the world brings. As God says in Holy Scripture, “Be still, and know that I am God. I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth” (Psalm 46:10).


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