Why Young Men Need Adventures

By pintswaquinas March 7, 2023

Throughout history, young men have craved adventure. Whether setting sail over uncharted waters or climbing the world’s highest peaks, they’ve sought to prove themselves by achieving something.

Modern-day young men have adventurous hearts, but we see so many who feel like they can’t do anything and that there’s no point in even trying. They’re coasting through life with no ambition, no energy, and no purpose.

Adventure is important for the formation of young men, especially if they’re not yet married and don’t have dependents. Here’s why.

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Adventure teaches you to take risks.
You probably have big dreams about your future. Yet most good things in life don’t come without risk. Take, for example, a man interested in a woman. You’re never going to win her heart unless you risk rejection and exposing your weaknesses.

Going on adventures teaches you how to embrace risk. If you’re young and single, use this time to take as many as you can. Follow what your heart tells you, whether it’s taking a job you’re not sure you’re qualified for, going on a mission trip overseas, or moving across the country.

Through these experiences, you’ll be better prepared to succeed in your future vocation.

It teaches you how to make sacrifices.
Fulfilling your dreams not only requires taking risks, but also making sacrifices. All good things come with at least a bit of pain.

A camping expedition in the wilderness trains you to live without the comforts of home. Living in a different city forces you to get to know new people and adopt new habits.

It expands your horizons.
Some men dream big, but others don’t dream at all. Their vision is limited and so are their lives.

You’re capable of so much more than you think. By jumping into adventures, you’ll discover things about yourself that you never knew before.

This is often the case with vocations. Many priests and religious never dreamed of living their current life when they were young. But by going on certain adventures — such as mission trips — they found their calling.

It gives you humility.
There’s a false humility that keeps young men from reaching their full potential. The reason why you don’t need to fear adventure is that you will learn humility in the end. It could be that your new job doesn’t work out or you fumble in an outdoor survival class, but that’s okay. You’ll be better equipped for the next adventure.

The best kind of humility doesn’t keep you cowering in the corner. It comes from lived experiences and dealing with the challenges of life.

Young men, what say ye? Consider us to be Gandalf knocking on the door of your safe, cozy home and inviting you on an adventure. If you agree, you’ll return a different — and much better — hobbit.


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