Why the Left Is a “Gnostic Death Cult”

By pintswaquinas June 29, 2022

It’s time to say it like it is: Today’s woke Left is a Gnostic death cult.

Maybe that sounds harsh to you, even if you oppose the left-wing ideologues monopolizing schools, the media, big corporations, and Hollywood.

It’s true, we should always speak charitably about others. But we can’t divorce charity from the truth. There comes a point when a movement or ideology becomes so poisonous that you just have to be blunt. Mincing words when souls are at stake (especially children’s souls) is not charity — it’s cowardice.

In case you’re wondering if I’m still being too harsh in my language, there are three reasons why today’s Left really is a Gnostic death cult.

1. It hates the world as it is
Leftists hate reality. They loathe the existence of only two genders. They hate that sex often carries a risk of pregnancy, frustrating their desire for a childless sexual utopia.

This reminds us of the Gnostics of old, who revolted against creation. They taught that the material world was evil. Many held that sex and childbearing were evil.

“But wait,” you might say. “The modern Left loves material goods, the body, and sex. That doesn’t sound like Gnosticism at all!”

But does the Left really love the body? Actually, they hate the body as it really exists, which is either male or female. They hate sex insofar as it is connected to procreation.

So while they do love indulging in bodily pleasures (as many Gnostics did), they are constantly hating the body’s limitations on their desires. They only love the fantasy body that exists in their heads.

2. The Left wants to remake the world and humanity in its own image
The woke Left now faces two choices: either accept the world as it is or remake the world and humanity in its own image.

It has chosen the latter.

This preoccupation with “utopia” is a shared passion of Leftists and all totalitarian regimes. The fascists tried it. The communists are still trying it (to no avail, as we see). The sexual revolution tried it, with people like Harvey Weinstein being painful reminders of its failure.

Of course, we are all naturally wary of power. Leftists must have a pretext to exert power over us in order to create this utopia. They tell us that the limitations nature puts on us are actually limits on our freedom.

Therefore, nature must change. And if it refuses, then it will be forced to obey.

Of course, these utopias always entail authoritarian control of a few over the masses in every aspect of their lives. (Even though we’re not quite at the level of Huxley’s “Brave New World” or Orwell’s “1984” yet, our current world is certainly starting to look more like it.)

3. When this project fails, the Left turns to death
But, of course, nature will always be victorious in the end. You can push and pull nature, but you can’t fully destroy it.

Deep down, the Leftists know this. That’s why they turn to mutilation and even death to try to get the last word.

Is nature standing in the way of a boy who wants to be a girl? Then mutilate and drug the child.

Is nature standing in the way of sex completely free of the risk of pregnancy? There’s always abortion to fall back on if contraception fails.

And it is here that the modern Left shows its true colors. Leftists are so obsessed with victory over nature that they are willing to tap into the most inhuman, darkest parts of our fallen nature in a desperate, prideful attempt to declare victory over reality.


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