What to Do When Your Liberal Friends Shun You

By pintswaquinas September 20, 2022

Sadly, we live in an age of extreme toxicity. Growing ideological divides and heated social media debates create friction between former friends, co-workers, and even family members.

And with Roe v. Wade being overturned, many liberals are focusing their vile words and actions on the Catholic Church.

Maybe you’ve already fallen out with someone dear to you over your defense of the unborn or other controversial Catholic beliefs.

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It’s a horrible feeling. What should you do if these people continue to shun you?


1. Don’t let them guilt-trip you
A popular stereotype of Catholics is that we love shunning anyone different from us. And we’ve been made to feel guilty about this. Maybe you’ve been called “intolerant” or “bigot” by your liberal friends.

While it’s true we may avoid things such as attending same-sex weddings, we can hardly be said to be worse than liberals themselves. Seriously, have you not noticed how much modern liberals love canceling and shunning anything that doesn’t completely bow to their dogmas?

Liberals have even turned on their own: Bill Maher and J.K. Rowling are two recent examples of prominent liberals who have faced the wrath of the new Left because they dare challenge aspects of the Leftist narrative.

Don’t feel like you’re some kind of holier-than-thou alien because you stick to your beliefs. Liberals do the same. They preach tolerance, but many don’t practice it themselves.

2. Don’t become obnoxious yourself
Of course, there’s always the risk that you’ll try to boost your ego to hide the hurt of being shunned. Focusing on how much “holier” you are than your liberal friends can make you feel better about yourself — for a bit.

But humility remains the key to both happiness and getting to heaven. Yes, being humble means you may suffer from mockery. But you’ll gain nothing by becoming an obnoxious shunner yourself.

3. Hold out the olive branch
We mentioned that you shouldn’t let yourself be guilt-tripped. But go one step further by making sure your liberal friends know that the door is still open if they want to let you back into their lives.

Invite them to Christmas parties or graduation reunions. Continue to send them cards for their birthdays. If you’re still connected on social media, “like” their posts on happy events in their lives.

Let them know you still care.

It may not work, but you never know! Even if you soften the heart of one person, you’ve done a great thing.

Let’s be honest: It’s going to take a while for our society to escape the poisonous, hostile atmosphere we’ve created. But change will only come if each of us does our part.

Above all, persevere in charity. Pray for your wayward friends. God created them out of love. And He commands you to love them, if for no reason other than love of Him.


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