3 Examples That Prove Traditional Gender Roles

By pintswaquinas July 7, 2022

Our culture is obsessed with blurring the distinctions between the sexes. But as it strives to condition us to accept its nonsense, the innate, complementary differences between men and women keep revealing themselves in everyday life.

You can suppress nature, but you can’t destroy it!

Here are three examples that demonstrate that traditional gender roles are inborn and that the radical feminist crowd is full of reality deniers.

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1. The Embrace
When lovers embrace, it’s usually the man embracing and the woman being embraced. We speak of the man “holding” his wife and the woman being “held.” Most men would cringe if you said they were being held by their wives!

Of course, a woman may initiate the embrace if her husband has experienced great suffering or trauma. This is not a hard-and-fast rule.

But it’s the norm. If you think otherwise, walk up to random couples locked in an embrace and ask the man if he feels safe being held in his woman’s strong arms. Then, be prepared to run for your life!

2. The Proposal
Despite all the hullabaloo over our “oppressive” patriarchal society, many women still look to men to propose marriage to them. When a woman proposes, it’s noteworthy because it’s so rare.

That’s because God designed men and women to enter into reciprocal relationships with the man as the ”head.” As the head, the man initiates the relationship with the woman.

Again, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. There are exceptions, and that’s fine. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a woman proposing. But don’t do it in obedience to an ideology that’s intent on destroying the natural order.

3. The Sexual Act
The strongest proof of traditional gender roles is the sexual act itself. It’s obvious that the woman’s body is designed to receive and the man’s to give.

Radical feminists stumble over this obvious reality. While a woman is free to embrace a man and propose to him, she can’t grow the male organ necessary to become the giver in the sexual act. There’s only so much gender “reassignment” surgery can do to obscure the sexual differences between men and women.

These three examples so clearly show the differences between the genders that it takes a lot of willful blindness to deny it. The ideals of radical feminism and other leftist ideologies just don’t reflect the desires and aspirations of many real women.

Still, we need to acknowledge the other extreme. We’ve seen throughout history men using their status as “head” to justify abusing women and denying them their rights.

Because we live in a fallen world, men need appropriate checks that still preserve their headship. That’s why we have laws protecting abused women and ensuring that fathers can’t just walk out on their families without consequences.

So, word to the men, don’t use your headship as an excuse for bad behavior! Unless you frequent the sacraments and regularly sacrifice yourself for your wife, your headship becomes a stumbling block to your salvation.

God created men and women equal in dignity. They may not have the exact same roles, but they complement each other by reflecting different rays of the boundless love of the Holy Trinity.


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