Let’s Be Honest: Trans Identification is a Social Contagion

By pintswaquinas May 4, 2023

For most of human history, you didn’t hear much about men claiming they were women or vice versa. Sure, you can find a few cases here and there, but nothing like what you’ve seen over the past decade.

Today, the number of people identifying as transgender is increasing at an unusually rapid rate. One doctor compared it to the multiple personality craze of the 1980s and ’90s where, all of a sudden, many more people were claiming to have that condition.

This begs the question, why this sudden sharp rise in trans people? Is it because there have always been lots of trans people who kept their identities hidden?

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That’s unlikely. The trans movement is taking off because it became trendy. That’s why it’s so prevalent among adolescents. Researchers such as Dr. Lisa Littman and Abigail Shrier have a lot of findings that back this up. We recommend checking out some of their work, especially Shrier’s book “Irreversible Damage.”

“The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition” was published in 2013. According to the manual, the prevalence of gender dysphoria in adult males was .005% to .014%. That’s a very small number! For adult women, it was even lower: .002% to .003%. Through much of the early history of transgenderism, you mostly saw men who became excited about the prospect of appearing as a woman. Hardly any women claimed to be men.

Look now at the number of men and women coming out as trans. The statistics are anywhere from .6% to 3%. That’s an astronomical rise in just over one decade!

In addition to more people identifying as trans, there has been a massive inversion of the sex ratio. Now it’s largely teenage girls during the same time that social media has become more popular.

Don’t be pressured into thinking that the rise in trans identification is due to people discovering their “true selves.” As humans, we love joining the crowd and embracing the latest fads in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Let’s just hope and pray that this trend doesn’t last. God made each of us male and female for a reason. It’s only in embracing God’s plan for us that we will find true peace.


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