Is Jesus Just a Spinoff From Pagan Gods?

By pintswaquinas March 14, 2024

Many atheists and agnostics argue that Jesus can’t be God because there are too many similarities between Him and pagan gods we find in the religions of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and northern Europe.

This idea has been around for a while, but it gained traction from the hit 2007 documentary “Zeitgeist.” The movie has received millions of views on YouTube alone and caused many Christians to question their faith.

Is Jesus really a mythical being, another version of the other pagan gods we don’t worship?

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The answer, thankfully, is no.

Many of the supposed similarities between Jesus and pagan gods are false.
For example, numerous skeptics of Christianity say that the Egyptian god Horus was born on Dec. 25 of a virgin, just like Jesus. The problem is, we possess a lot of ancient Egyptian records and not one of them says that Horus was born on that day. Also, his mother was not a virgin. The myth clearly indicates that she had sexual relations and conceived Horus shortly thereafter.

Some skeptics claim that Horus’ father, Osiris, was resurrected after being killed. It is true that the original myth claims that he came back to life, but not to live on earth the way Jesus did. Rather, Osiris went to the underworld to become the lord of the dead. That’s hardly a real resurrection!

Therefore, take any supposed “parallel” between Jesus and the pagan gods with skepticism. Many simply aren’t true.

There are some similarities between Jesus and other gods.
Jesus is God, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find godlike qualities shared by Him and mythical deities. By definition, gods are more powerful and intelligent than humans, so many can do the same superhuman feats.

The question shouldn’t be whether Jesus is like other gods, but rather, “Is He the true God?” The answer is yes. The New Testament documents are among the best sources found in the ancient world for any topic.

You are not subscribing to a pagan myth by believing in Jesus. Our Lord has far more that is unique about Him than anything He shares with the pagan gods.


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