If God Is Everywhere, Do We Really Need the Eucharist?

By pintswaquinas February 6, 2024

God is everywhere. Nothing exists without Him. His goodness and beauty are reflected in the trees, the sun, your loved ones, and even in your morning cup of coffee.

But if God is everywhere, why do Catholics put so much emphasis on the Eucharist? Why seek God in the consecrated host in a parish miles away when He’s present in the very air you breathe?

God makes Himself present in creation in different ways.
He manifests Himself to all things in three ways: essence, presence, and power. This is what we mean when we say God is present in nature or art.

He is present to the elect in an additional way — through sanctifying grace, which gives them a share in His divine life. Not everyone has this gift dwelling in them.

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The Eucharist is a completely unique manifestation of God. He is contained in the bread and wine both substantially and sacramentally.

“Sacramentally” means He is contained under the mode of a sign. The bread and wine are divided to signify the separation of Christ’s body and blood on the cross. The bread is made of many grains, and the wine of many grapes, signifying the unity of the Church, made of many nations and people. They also signify — and actually deliver — grace.

“Substantially” means the Eucharist truly becomes His body and blood. You can say God “intensifies” His presence with the host and chalice. Many Protestants believe the Eucharist is no more than a sign of Christ, but we believe it is literally Christ.

While a beautiful lake, a soaring melody, or a delightful meal does contain the presence of God, it is not a substantial presence. These things are not literally Christ’s body.

That’s why we seek out the Eucharist. It’s a presence far beyond what we could experience anywhere else. When the priest lifts the consecrated host at Mass, we behold our Lord face to face!


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