Catholics, Stop Turning on Each Other!

By pintswaquinas June 27, 2024

We’re used to being dogmatic. After all, the Church has laid out truths we must believe — truths we should be willing to die for.

But this doesn’t mean everything is a dogma.

In fact, there is still a wide range of opinions — even theological ones — that the Church hasn’t officially decided on.

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“Don’t demand uniformity where the Church allows diversity of opinion and custom.”

Bishop Edward Malesic of Cleveland, Ohio, has a great saying: “Color within the lines.” He means that there are boundaries of belief and practice that Catholics shouldn’t cross. However, within those lines, there’s a lot of room for diverse opinions, devotions, and personalities.

There’s room for Dorothy Days, Flannery O’Conners, Fulton J. Sheens, and Óscar Romeros. There’s space to do or think things that haven’t been done or thought of before. For example, some of St. Thomas Aquinas’ ideas were radical in his time, but they still grew from within the boundaries of the faith.

We should be faithful Catholics, not cookie-cutter Catholics. Just because you prayed four full Rosaries today doesn’t give you the right to make someone who didn’t feel like a weak Catholic. Sure, the Church highly recommends the Rosary as a way to grow in holiness, but it doesn’t require anyone to say it.

Don’t like Fr. So-And-So because he wears a collared shirt rather than a cassock? You may have your preferences, but he’s completely within his rights to wear what the Church permits.

You’re free to prefer the Novus Ordo or the Traditional Latin Mass. But don’t forget there are faithful and holy people at both.

Call out heresy, not hearsay. Otherwise, you may be the one putting your communion with the Church at risk.

Be careful to distinguish between coloring inside and outside the lines. Otherwise, you may negatively judge someone who’s working within the lines to create something new and beautiful.

Our God is a God of surprises. Focus on what He wants you to do and stop worrying about what others are doing.

Have charity in all things.


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