Catholics, Get Ready To Be Canceled

By pintswaquinas November 7, 2022

I recently sat down with George Farmer, the CEO of Parler (and husband of Candace Owens). Part of our conversation was about mainstream social media’s attitude toward alternative platforms and how that might affect Catholics.


One point came up that Catholics really ought to remember: Just like the transgender issue has evolved into a free-speech issue, it’s going to happen with abortion too. That’s because mainstream social media promotes a certain narrative, and Catholic teaching doesn’t fit into it.

And now that that narrative is perceived to be under threat because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, media moguls will crack down even more on dissenting voices.

Which means Catholics have even bigger targets on their backs.

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We’ve already seen hints of this. Think of how PayPal (which offers services for its employees to travel across state lines to get abortions) attempted to update its Acceptable Use Policy with a clause to directly fine customers up to $2,500 for promoting “misinformation.”

So Catholics, get ready to be canceled.

We’ve known this was coming for some time. George made it very clear that the Catholic world is in the eye of the storm right now. If you’re a pro-life organization and reject the transgender craze, your days are numbered.

Of course, that includes “Pints With Aquinas” on certain platforms. Which is why — though we don’t intend to leave Facebook, YouTube, and other tech giants at this point — we’re encouraging people to watch and support us through platforms that are friendly to free speech.

Just in case we get canceled.

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