Free Speech & “Cancel Culture” w/ Dave Rubin

August 17, 2020

God, Abortion, Homosexuality, Free Speech, & Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable.

Want to know how to disagree without being disagreeable? Join two guys with a few different viewpoints — Dave Rubin and me — for an open and agreeable discussion!

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

  • We have the freedom to put our thoughts out there but shouldn’t expect the world to bend to our demands.
  • When we command the world to act a certain way we can rush to judgment, which often leads to cancel culture.
  • Cancel culture is the exact opposite of tolerance.
  • Our freedom of speech means we can say things others may not agree with – about God, abortion, homosexuality, etc. – but that doesn’t mean we can’t respect each other.


Pull up a barstool, grab a pint and enjoy free speech at its finest!


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