BONUS EPISODE: God’s Existence

August 1, 2020

A debate between Trent Horn and Alex O'Connor

In this BONUS EPISODE Trent Horn debates Alex O’Connor (@CosmicSkeptic) on God’s existence.


Opening Statements Affirmative Opening Statement (15 minutes)

Negative Opening Statement (15 minutes)

First Rebuttals

Affirmative First Rebuttal (7 minutes)

Negative First Rebuttal (7 minutes)

Second Rebuttals

Affirmative Second Rebuttal (4 minutes)

Negative Second Rebuttal (4 minutes)


The cross-examiner is allowed to interrupt and move the flow of the argument as he sees fit.

Affirmative cross-examines negative (12 minutes)

Negative cross-examines affirmative (12 minutes)

Audience Questions (30 minutes) Each person gets 2 minutes to answer a question addressed to them and their opponent gets 1 minute to respond

Closing Statements

Affirmative Closing Statement (5 minutes)

Negative Closing Statement (5 minutes)

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