Trent Horn Vs. Ricky Gervais

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In this episode of Pints With Aquinas I interview my mate and fellow apologist, Trent Horn. Trent is, in my mind, one of the most persuasive and intelligent apologists of the Catholic faith out there today.

Why We’re Catholic

Trent’s new book (which I highly recommend you get) which we spoke about on the show is called Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons For Fatih, Hope, and LoveIt’s that one, general book you can hand to anyone as a starting point for helping them find their way into, or back to, the practice of the Catholic Faith.

Trent Horn Vs. Ricky Gervais

In today’s episode of PWA, I allow Trent to respond to a number of points comedian Ricky Gervais made in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

Though you’ll get to listen directly to what Gervais said in the podcast, here’s the full interview if you’re interested:

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  1. The stupidity and irony in your podcast was hilarious. Well done, I think you might be funnier than Gervais haha, also calling Trent Horn “smart” hahahahahahahahaha, you guys are a riot, keep it up.

    • Your eccentric comment says more about you than anything else. There is an obvious anger in your tone that begs the question, are you uncomfortable with the trouble the conversation caused you? I hope this provides you with motivation for increased introspection.

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