The Homosexual Problem in the Priesthood

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Check out Dan’s book, Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay and his article, Why Men Like Me Should Not Be Priests.

See St. Basil’s moving letter to a fallen virgin here.

Read ex-papal nuncio Carlo Viganòn’s 11 page “testimony” here.

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  1. I have heard you speak at other events by radio broadcast but this is the first time I have listened to Pints with Aquinas. The first 5 mins seemed very flippant and irreverent. It is going to be difficult for me to share.
    I still appreciate the content and all you do to promote and defend our Catholic faith. I just wish the tone at the beginning was different based on the gravity of the topic.

    Verso L’alto

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  3. Thanks for this episode. This is a subject that I have struggled with. I’m a progressive Catholic. I understand that marriage is between a man a woman and God. I understand that homosexuality is disordered, but have struggled about accepting gay marriage as a societal norm. As members of my family discern calls to ministry, we need answers to these questions that we can really get behind. We need to believe in them.

    I’d like more help understanding the church’s vision for the lives of those with homosexual attraction. It seems to me that a committed relationship is definitely a step-up from the promiscuity described in your podcast. Still, that lifestyle is usually short-lived (and may even kill the person outright.) What do Catholic parents teach their children? How can we speak the truth in love to them? Many Catholic parents disown their gay children. What does Acquinas say on this?

    Thanks for the podcast

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