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Why Donate?

My goal is to create podcasts that familiarize people with the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Now, Aquinas is a daunting figure—he wrote more than most will read in a lifetime!—That’s why my podcast, Pints With Aquinas (PWA), is set up to give you a digestible chunk of Aquinas’ teaching with commentary, and, hopefully, humor.

I love creating these podcasts but they are bloody time consuming. 

The temptation for me (and I imagine most podcasters) is to give up trying to improve the podcast and just settle. I don’t want to do that. And I also don’t want to retire PWA because it takes a lot of work.

I want to create high quality, intellectually stimulating content that will enrich the intellectual lives of both Catholics and non-Catholics alike and, by God’s grace, lead them closer to Christ.

I also want to create:

– Professionally recorded long sit down video chats with Catholic commentators and friends.
– Books and comic books to help you better understand the teachings of Thomas Aquinas
– And much else besides … no, seriously. Stay close to the podcast to hear what I’m thinking of.

… This all costs money.

That’s why I’m asking for your financial support.

I’m incredibly honored to have a community of people who value what I do. And I look forward to making PWA a long term thing that goes from good to great.

Many thanks! No, seriously. Many thanks.

– Matt