We NEED to be vocal about our Faith!

By pintswaquinas May 24, 2023

How many times do we shake our heads over something that goes against our Catholic values but not voice our opinions on the matter?

We may worry that speaking up will result in ugly conflicts with family and friends. Recently, fear of being “canceled” and labeled a hateful bigot leads us to remain silent when we’re burning inside to speak our minds.

We must realize that by doing or saying nothing, we are confirming that it’s okay to trample on Christian values!

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If we believe in the teachings of Christ, we have to be willing to live them and defend them. That may seem terribly difficult, especially today, but proven steps can be taken to make it happen.

1. Pray on the matter.
When you read or hear about something that goes against the teachings of the Church, take a moment before speaking up to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. The Spirit will help you determine the best way to voice your concerns.

2. Spend less time reading secular publications and more time reading the Gospels.
If you are first and foremost solid in your knowledge of the Truth, you will have greater confidence and courage to share it with others. Rather than get bogged down in the news of the day, become overjoyed with the Good News of Christ. Then, you will see the challenges before you as wonderful opportunities to bear the Truth to the world.

3. Follow the lead of Catholics you respect.
It may not be feasible for you to stand in front of everyone in your office and declare that a company policy goes against Church teaching. You might not be willing to start a YouTube channel countering the evils of modern society. That’s okay! Everyone is called to speak to the Truth in different ways. Yours could be praying the Rosary at your desk to show coworkers your commitment to the Faith, or writing a letter to a business to voice displeasure about a campaign they’re running. Even small gestures make an impact in the world.

4. Be okay with the fact that a lot of people won’t agree with you.
When you speak out against anti-Christian behaviors, you will no doubt encounter opposition. You may even make enemies along the way. Guess what? So did Jesus! Remember, though, the many, many people He drew near to Him and who still cling to His word today.

Imagine the number of hearts and minds you could change by standing up for the Faith. It’s truly limitless!



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