What Edward Feser Just Said About My Upcoming Book

Dr. Edward Feser

As you know by now (hopefully), early next year I will be releasing a brand new book on the 5 ways of Thomas Aquinas which I wrote with my friend Dr. Robert Delfino.

I’m super pumped about this book. It’s essentially a socratic dialogue between an atheist (AJ) and a Catholic (Lucy) who meet in a coffee shop.

I really believe this book will help you finally understand the 5 ways of Thomas Aquinas.

Just last week Peter Kreeft sent us a glowing endorsement (he said we did a better job that he did at explaining the 5 ways in his book Yes or No—no small compliment).

Last night I received another endorsement from Thomist philosopher, Edward Feser, who himself has written much on Thomas’ arguments for the existence of God.

He wrote:

It’s very difficult to present substantive philosophical ideas in a way that is popularly accessible and entertaining. But Fradd and Delfino pull it off admirably in this fine book. Read, learn, and enjoy.

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