The PWA Beer Stein Is Here!

It’s finally here! The Pints With Aquinas Beer Stein.

You can purchase it here.

We have less than 100, so if you want one, buy it ASAP because we’ll be out soon.

The Pints With Aquinas stoneware beer stein is the perfect companion for your late night philosophizing. This large, beautiful stein is made of hand-thrown pottery and crafted in Wisconsin, USA. A black and silvery glaze speaks of refined taste and subtle class, while the Pints With Aquinas logo is a reminder of the calling of everyone to the pursuit of truth.

The Stein is $29.99 plus shipping. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth it. This isn’t a trinket. A novelty item that looks good as a jpeg but not in reality, no, this is the real deal. I could have created a poor quality stein glass and sold it for much cheaper, but I’m tired of mass produced crap.

Oh, and if you support PWA for $10 a month, I’ll pay for your shipping (so long as you reside in the States). Private message me over Patreon and I’ll give you the code for that.

We won’t be able to ship until November. Get it here.

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  1. Scott Watson

    Any chance you’re going to get any more in?

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