Should Pope Francis Resign?

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  1. Emma Smith

    Matt, THANK YOU for this episode! First of all, yes – we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus especially during these times. Patrick Coffin is saying exactly what has been on my heart and mind regarding all that you discuss in this episode, including the controversies surrounding Pope Francis’s papacy. No more tepidity. No more secrecy. Let’s call ’em as we see ’em, pray and fast, and reform the church starting with ourselves. As Patrick said, the Church is not just the clergy; it is all of us! We have a responsibility to ourselves and our children to maintain our One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

  2. This podcast was SO GOOD thank you for speaking truth Patrick Coffin!!!

  3. Joseph Lukowski

    absouktely great. Thank you.

  4. I think Pope Francis is right to emphasize compassion and love over a pharisaic fetishization of “the rules.” I’ll take my chances in the final judgment with the comfort that God will judge my heart and my works rather than my street corner soapbox scrutiny of the planks in everyone else’s eyes. So many are quick to label the pope an apostate while they themselves fixate on doctrine like a manic alchemist who strives to concoct mathematically the secret doctrinal formula for salvation.

    All this endless bickering over rules, dogma, doctrine…we are all on a quest for the truth, of course, so to an extent the effort is worthwhile, but we have such a short lifepsan and I firmly believe how we treat people is more valuable. Do you authentically believe that on judgment day God will ask our views on homosexuality before granting your final reward? Or will God more likely ask what we did for the least of His people?

    Regarding human nature: We don’t understand everything about human nature or the natural world. To claim so would be a monumental act of intellectual arrogance. We do not have a comprehensive understanding of human psychology and spirituality. Consciousness itself is remains an untouchable mystery. As such, our model of natural law, then, is incomplete, evolving, and subject to amendation. Why then, are our foundational moral teachings based on an errantly-fixed understanding of natural law devised by theologians working in the dark ages? The deeply scarred Saint Augustine, for example, made countless mistakes in his attempts to twist sexuality into an evil thing, yet we regard his teachings on human sexuality as the foundation of Catholic teaching on the subject. Why? Simply because he looked out his window and saw things differently than I see them?

  5. Elizabeth

    This was brilliant, well done for having the courage to do it. The only thing I would have loved for you guys to address which I think goes to the heart of the credibility of these accusations is Pope Francis’ track record on abuse and dealings with abusers (I refer specifically to Mons. Ricca, Bishop Barros, Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal Danneels, Cardinal Maradiaga). I think we cannot discuss these allegations credibly without mentioning that Vigano has been vouched for by prelates of statue and orthodoxy, with no hint of scandal, while there is a clear track record on this issue (sadly) for the Pope.

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