Look What Peter Kreeft Just Sent Me!

So, as you know, later this year I will be releasing a new book on the 5 proofs for God’s existence from Thomas Aquinas.I co-authored the book with my friend Robert Delfino.

The book will be called, Does God Exist: A Socratic Dialogue on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas.

Earlier this month I printed and posted a manuscript to Dr. Peter Kreeft asking for his endorsement.

Today, a letter arrived.

Among other things, he said (as you can see from the photo, although his handwriting isn’t the easiest to read)

“I love the dialogs. They are engaging, not boring, not difficult for beginners, and effectively wise. You accomplished what I tried in the chapter on the 5 ways in my Yes or No much better than I did.”

. . .I can die now.

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  1. Enrique Cepeda

    Still… please don’t die yet.

  2. That might be how you “know you’ve made it”. 😀

  3. That is awesome!

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