Ed Feser Responds to Richard Dawkins on Thomas’ 5 Ways

This is the two part interview I did with Thomist philosopher Ed Feser.

We go over Richard Dawkins’ response to Thomas’ first five ways and then look at Dawkins’ “central argument” for atheism.

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Also, in the first episode I mentioned that my wife and I went to that Italian restaurant, Der Pallaro (here’s there Facebook page). Here’s a photo of my wife with Paula (Nonna).

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  1. I am stuck in a objection about what could be the Unmoved Mover. Could the Unmoved Mover be te gravity for example? Since the existence of one thing with matter could move another thing. The only solution that I find is the act of existence itself as “movement”, since it passes from potency in the mind of God to act. But this implies that First Way to be dependent to the Second Way and isn’t being a complete demonstration of the existence of God. Am I misunderstanding something?

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