How to Handle Spiritual Dryness in Prayer

By pintswaquinas June 18, 2024

Prayer is a conversation with our Father in heaven, the omnipotent God, Creator of heaven and earth. It’s not surprising that we expect our prayers to reflect this reality. We search for words that lift up our souls. Our hearts yearn to feel the love and peace of Him to whom we are speaking.

Often, we’re disappointed. We recite our prayers but feel nothing. We sit silently, waiting for God to respond but face an empty void.

Spiritual dryness in prayer is very common. Even the greatest saints experienced it.

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This is nothing to be anxious about. Here are some tips for handling those moments of wandering in the spiritual desert.

Keep your spiritual plan in times of trial.
Continue to show up to your normal prayer times and say your regular prayers. If you make a Holy Hour each Wednesday at 6 p.m., don’t stop!

Don’t shift your schedule in an attempt to catch the right wave of spiritual inspiration, for it may never come. If God wants you to try something different, He’ll inspire you to do so.

Take to prayer things you have been hesitant to bring up.
Is there anything you’re holding back from God? He may want to talk to you about that one thing and may “hide” Himself until you bring it up. Have the courage to take to prayer your deepest sorrows, desires, fears, and joys. Your Father wants to hear it all.

Persevere in prayer.
Granted, it’s much easier to tell someone to see a hard task through than to actually do it. But the reason why so many people give up their prayer life during dry seasons is because they don’t push through.

Emotions come and go, and you can’t force good feelings during prayer. But you can always make the choice to continue to show up, even if you can’t think of much more to say than, “Lord, I don’t get what I’m doing here or what You’re doing in my life, but I trust in You.”

God sometimes takes us to the edge of our capabilities to encourage us to trust Him. When we reach the limits of ourselves, we have two options: fall into despair or transcend those limitations with God’s grace.

Remember, God is always present to you, even if you don’t feel Him. He sees everything you’re going through and is ready to help you if you let Him. So let go of yourself! Trust in the care of a Father who sent His only Son to suffer and die for you so that you could live with Him forever.


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