How the Medical World Is Creating Lifelong Patients

By pintswaquinas April 13, 2023

We’re in the grip of an ideology that refuses to see the truth. Many proponents of transgenderism try to shut down debate by labeling their opponents “bigots.”

Many businesses and organizations are siding with transgender advocates. Some are probably doing it out of pressure. But others — like the pharmaceutical and medical industries — have another compelling reason for supporting transgenderism: money.

Yes, transgenderism currently provides a lucrative flow of cash for the medical field. Here’s how.

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Gender transitioning carries a heavy price tag.
“Medical care” for transgendered individuals is now a multimillion-dollar industry. Soon it may be in the billions.

Let’s say a man wants to transition to a woman. What process does he go through? He’d have his testes removed — basically, castration — and his body wouldn’t naturally produce testosterone anymore.

Five years later, he may regret this decision. He would then become a lifetime patient, continuously receiving testosterone to feel like a normal man again.

But if he wants to continue being “female,” he’s going to need testosterone blockers and estrogen supplements.

In both cases, he’s looking at lifelong medical care, which carries a heavy price tag. Medical and pharmaceutical professionals get to line their pockets with lifetime payments from this one man.

If a woman wants to have a phalloplasty (construction of a penis), that surgery can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000. Typically, the first surgery is not successful, so more are required — sometimes surpassing a dozen!

We should feel compassion for people who undergo these horrific procedures. They must be experiencing an incredible amount of suffering if they’re being driven to endure surgery after surgery, hormone treatment after hormone treatment.

The medical world, on the other hand, has an incentive (now) to side with the transgender agenda. Let’s stop pretending they’re all in it to support human rights. Many are in it for the money. Simple as that.

But they will also listen to their shareholders. The lawsuits have started flooding in, and they are increasing in number. The investors are starting to wonder where the tipping point is.

The medical field will continue to follow the money. But they may soon be shocked to find that the lawsuits outweigh the money they glean by making their drugs and performing their surgeries.

Maybe, then, sense will return to them. We can only hope and pray.


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