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If Thomas Aquinas Could Respond To Richard Dawkins, He’d Say This…

In The God Delusion, Dawkins tries to refute Aquinas’ proofs for the existence of God.

He fails spectacularly.

Not because Aquinas’ proofs cannot, in theory, be refuted, but because Dawkins does not understand them. I’m not exaggerating here. He actually does not understand them. See my interview with Ed Feser here to learn more.

Also, try not to get too offended by the above image. It’s a joke, people! If you are offended and are not sure what to do … click here.

Dawkins: Even if we allow the dubious luxury of arbitrarily conjuring up a terminator to an infinite regress and giving it a name, simply because we need one, there is absolutely no need to endow that terminator with any of the properties normally ascribed to God [1]

Aquinas: Ah, the five proofs weren’t intended to do that. As Father Andy Younan said in my defense, he said, I am “NOT saying: ‘some things move; they are moved by others; this cannot go on to infinity; therefore Baby Jesus will hear your prayers and heal your grandmother.'”[2]

Dawkins: Such as omnipotence,

Aquinas: Are you even listening?

Dawkins: Such as omnipotence,

Aquinas: Fair enough ...  I addressed that in ST I, Q. 25

Dawkins: omniscience,

Aquinas: See ST I, Q. 14

Dawkins: goodness,

Aquinas: ST I, Q. 6

Dawkins: creativity of design,

Aquinas: Kind of addressed it in the 5th way, but go on …

Dawkins: To say nothing of such human attributes as listening to prayers,

Aquinas: See ST II-II, Q. 83

Dawkins: forgiving sins,

Aquinas: See ST III, Q. 86

Dawkins: reading innermost thoughts.

Aquinas: See omniscience … Have you even read my book?

Dawkins: You wrote a book?!

[1] All of Dawkins’ words are taken directly from The God Delusion, 100

[2] From Fr. Andy Younan’s book, Thoughtful Theism, 34

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